Lahiri Retreat House

If you are in search of a spiritual retreat or holiday…

Your inner journey begins here… Welcome to Lahiri Retreat House

Lahiri Retreat House
Lahiri Retreat House is a sanctuary of peace...

where you can slow down… relax…take a deep breath and smile…

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Hello, we are Claudio and Barbara, we would like to introduce you to this special place, where you can finally… take time for yourself …tap into the energy that you need … and recharge your batteries.

Lahiri Retreat House is a point of light … where you can nurture your spirit …

It’s a sacred space , where you can find the connection with all this, in an environment dedicated to you.

What is Lahiri Retreat House and why

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If you are looking for spiritual or personal growth then our Center is the perfect place for you

Lahiri Retreat House is a Meditation and Kriya Yoga Retreat Center where you can have retreats and spiritual holidays.

We are located in the Ligurian hills just 9 km from the sea; here you can enjoy our hospitality, silence and relaxation that you need for reach your inner focus.

The Environment is both cozy and essential , where you can regenerate yourself and live moments dedicated to you.

Claudio and I have been meditators for decades, every time we planned a holiday, we looked for something we felt was close to what we needed : to stay away from usual holiday sights, silence , have the possibility to have a space where we could look inwards and a peaceful place where we could regenerate..

So Lahiri Retreat House was born… but there’s much more

The Retreat House and surroundings

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Spiritual Retreat

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The House, which can accommodate singles and groups, is ideal for spiritual holidays or retreats, it’s located 9 km from the sea, in Stella (SV) in the Ligurian hills, not far from the main cities of northern Italy, such as Milan and Turin.

Genoa Airport is 50 km from our home

The location is ideal for what we had in mind : the calmness of the countryside, the energy ofthe sea, an essential and cozy space; absolutely perfect.

In the local area in addition to the beauty of the sea, you’ll find pathways for walking and trekking, itineraries for bike and mountain bikes , with which you can discover our magical inland. - -

What can Lahiri Retreat House do for you?

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Revitalize your spirit

Personal retreat: you can stay at the center without programs, live in the house and enjoy what it offers: silence, peace, meditative spaces indoors and outdoors , let your mind relax and create moments of deep transformation.

Your stay with a program: you ‘ll stay at Lahiri during our programs and you can also enjoy the place dedicated to your wellness.

Our programs are the air that you can breathe here...

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A calendar full of events and gatherings for your spiritual nourishment

We invite you to attend our programs, especially in residential mode, for emerging yourself into the atmosphere that you can breathe here.

You can find the calendar and details of the program and how to book on our web site

N.B. : Accommodation or other extras are NOT included in the cost of the programs indicated on the calendar, please check our fees and terms of conditions for each program.

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Who we are

The heart of Lahiri Retreat House:

Inspired and open to new connections!

Claudio and I have practiced Kriya Yoga for many years and we have been actively managing the Centro Kriya Yoga Stella, a spiritual Center of Meditation and Kriya Yoga, since 2005.

Our Center stands out for being attentive to your well-being, as our work in the health field for many years, has taught us that a healthy body and mind are essential for a good spiritual growth.

Lahiri Retreat House is next to the Meditation Center which is the heart of our activities, Kriya Yoga is our lifestyle.

It’s thanks to this millennial path that we have the determination , strength and vision to explain to you how this place can transform you day by day.

We live Yoga daily , love to be open , inclusive, creating new connections and synergies!

Close to the Center, visit our project that is being born “Tempio Kriya Yoga Stella” which is the summer location of our activities.

Read here what people say about our Center ...

Discover Your true essence

Meditate: our story and how it can help you to feel better.

Claudio and I have been meditating for some time now, me around 22 years, Claudio 40 years.
Thanks to meditation we have found peace, encouragement and a simple and effective method to deal with stress, negative emotions of everyday life and much more ...

Meditation is an effective, tested, instrument, that helps you in many aspects of your life, making it lighter and full of deep meaning.

The benefits of meditation are many, but I want to tell you what happened to me after I had been meditating for a while,

  • I felt better inside even though the external environment wasn’t better.
  • I quit having useless thoughts and my worries diminished.
  • I found a new way to be happy, both in carrying out simple activities and especially being grateful for everything that has happened in my life.
  • I manage my anxiety well , am aware of it and deal with it with effective breathing techniques.
  • I sleep well, I am calmer , and no longer find work so stressful.
  • I have learnt to deal my problems with patience and a little bit of detachment in order to see things without being overwhelmed by them.
  • I have learnt to listen my emotions, keeping a little bit of distance from the negatives ones.
  • I have learnt to be aware of my thoughts, focusing more on those that make me feel good.
  • I have also experienced that there is something else inside that supports me in difficult moments without ever feeling alone.


Does that sound like a small achievement to you?

Product Info
Product Info

“By the practice of meditation you will find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise”.
- Yogananda

What is Kriya Yoga and meditation in this path?

  • It’s a gradual path of growth and well-being that will accompany you by taking care of yourself, your soul and your spirit.
  • It’s a constant, positive and growing change in your life , that allows you to enjoy every moments dealing with life with new eyes.
  • It will help you to manage feelings and negative sensations with calm and wisdom, letting go of accumulated stress.
  • You’ll have an improvement in your health and the quality of your thoughts, in the relationship you have with others and with yourself.
  • You’ll know a more healthy and balanced lifestyle that will allow you to live a more authentic life, maintain truer relationships by creating a more meaningful and profound life.
  • And finally, the most important reason, you will walk along a path of enlightenment and inner peace building it every day with constancy and dedication.

Our services
What you’ll find at Lahiri Retreat House

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All our services for your special stay.

  • Double or triple rooms with private bathroom.
  • Dining room with shared kitchen (vegetarian meals only), a tea area where you can taste herbal tea.
  • Meditation hall where you can enjoy silence and peace.
  • Library and relaxation area with a special place for relaxing and reading books about Yoga, spirituality and wellness..
  • Garden for outdoor activities.
  • Outdoor Relax area.
  • Lovely swimming pool.
  • Free WI-FI.
  • Private Parking.

Groups, retreats, lessons.

Find a place for your group at Lahiri Retreat House

The Retreat House offers groups , centers or associations to take advantage of our space, we love opening, connections and synergies!

Contact us to book for your group!

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Are you interested in visiting and staying at Lahiri Retreat House?

We have a special proposal for you..

Contact us, we’ll answer as soon as possible!

Reservations and Contacts

If you need some information or you want to book your retreat, please contact us, we’ll answer promptly . Thank you.

Lahiri Retreat House
House for Meditation and Kriya Yoga Retreats

Via Mezzano 51
17044 Stella (Savona)
Mobile: +39 348 925 1535
Whatsapp: +39 348 925 1535